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4 - Flute 1
4 - Flute 2
1 - Oboe 1
1 - Oboe 2
4 - B♭ Clarinet 1
4 - B♭ Clarinet 2
4 - B♭ Clarinet 3
2 - B♭ Bass Clarinet
1 - B♭ Contrabass Clarinet
1 - E♭ Contra Alto Clarinet
1 - Bassoon 1
1 - Bassoon 2
1 - Contrabassoon
2 - E♭ Alto Saxophone 1
2 - E♭ Alto Saxophone 2
2 - B♭ Tenor Saxophone
1 - E♭ Baritone Saxophone
3 - B♭ Trumpet 1
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3 - B♭ Trumpet 3
2 - F Horn 1&2
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2 - Trombone 1
2 - Trombone 2
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2 - Bass Trombone
2 - Euphonium B. C.
2 - Euphonium T. C.
4 - Tuba
1 - Contrabass
1 - Timpani
3 - Chimes, Crotales, Orchestra Bells
3 - Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone
5 - Percussion (Crash Cymbals, Gong
     Triangle, Tambourine, Suspended
     Cymbal, Snare Drum, Bass Drum)

Overture in Five Flat

Grade 5
by Julie Giroux

  "Overture in Five Flat" reflects the passion for speed and power that the composer and I share. As usual we did not talk about the work at all while it was being composed. Like a race car, hot-rod or super bike, this composition was built to run, not idle.

  One could make up many great stories about "Overture in Five Flat," and all would work. Simply, there is no underlying deep mystical or philosophical concept. It is not in the key of D flat Major or B flat minor. This music is about time, speed and raw power! It is a piece that pushes the bounds of safety. "Overture in Five Flat" is a fine-tuned machine of visceral power waiting to be unleashed. It is there ready to burn the rubber off the tires, throwing you back with the force of brutal and instant torque. In anticipation, you know that your heart will be pounding as the adrenalin rush hits you like a sledge hammer. It is waiting for you.

  Now you slam the accelerator to the floor or twist the throttle to the max. Your physical senses are sharpened to a razor's edge as you engage in the melding of machine and speed. It rumbles instantly to life as the motor screams with all of its power while speed shifting through the gears. It is fast and loud working in perfect synchronization.

  When you cross the finish line, you are out of breath shouting "Let's do it again." This is not only speed, but addictive speed. This is "Overture in Five Flat!" As usual, the makers of "Overture in Five Flat" take no responsibility for mishaps, crashes or damages. Have fun and always wear your safety equipment.

Lowell E. Graham, Test Driver

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