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1 - Piccolo
4 - Flute 1
4 - Flute 2
2 - Oboe
4 - B♭ Clarinet 1
4 - B♭ Clarinet 2
4 - B♭ Clarinet 3
2 - E♭ Alto Clarinet
2 - B♭ Bass Clarinet
2 - B♭ Contrabass Clarinet
2 - E♭ Contralto Clarinet
2 - Bassoon
2 - E♭ Alto Saxophone 1
2 - E♭ Alto Saxophone 2
2 - B♭ Tenor Saxophone
1 - E♭ Baritone Saxophone
2 - F Horn 1 & 3
2 - F Horn 2 & 4
3 - B♭ Trumpet 1
3 - B♭ Trumpet 2
3 - B♭ Trumpet 3
2 - Trombone 1
2 - Trombone 2
2 - Trombone 3
2 - Bass Trombone
2 - Euphonium B. C.
2 - Euphonium T. C.
4 - Tuba
1 - Contrabass
1 - Timpani
2 - Bells, Xylophone
3 - Cymbals, Triangle, Snare Drum &
     Bass Drum

Il Burlone (3:00)

Grade 4
by Julie Giroux
For Christopher Izzo
and his magical mixture of learning and laughter

Program Notes

“Il Burlone” is the second of three works dedicated to outstanding clinicians I had the privilege to work with while in high school (1977-1979). Three times Christopher Izzo was my honor band conductor and three times I was left with the feeling that I had been a part of something not just special, but monumental.
    Incredibly witty and articulate, he made us all feel good about the music and ourselves. Mr. Izzo was quick with praise and his lightly applied criticism was always accented with a joke or funny story. It was absolutely wonderful.
    I cannot recall the pieces we performed – just him. As a result, this piece does not reflect on any of those works but, instead, is centered solely on Chris – his personality, his energy, his passion, his musicianship and, of course, his timeless delivery of combined knowledge and humor.
    In life, so many of us find that after all is said and done, we prefer the one who makes us laugh! “Chris, this one is for you!”

Notes to the Conductor

The contrasts in dynamics and colors are essential to the work. At times, they should even frighten the audience or make them laugh. The piece should sound highly polished, but also feel slightly “ramshackle.”
    The tempo markings are there only as a guideline. Certainly, they can all either be slower or faster, though the work would suffer if the faster sections were too slow. The acceleration to measure 173 should not be revealed too soon and the end tempo could certainly be even faster than marked.
    The contra bass clarinet and string bass are NOT optional. However, the work will not suffer greatly if you don’t have them. The alto clarinet is the only instrument that is optional. Tasteful percussion “tweeps & twerps” may be added wherever you feel the urge, if an extreme comical effect is desired. As with all my works, I encourage experimentation in making the piece “your own.”


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