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The Mighty Columbia

for String Orchestra
Grade 3
by Karel Butz

Commissioned by the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township, Indianapolis, Indiana Eastwood Middle School Orchestra, Corinne Imboden, Director

The Columbia River (commonly referred to as "The Mighty Columbia River") flows an impressive 1,200 miles through the Pacific Northwest of the United States. This piece portrays the awe-inspiring river's journey beginning in British Columbia, Canada and continuing through Washington and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.
The introductory section incorporates expressive legato bow strokes. As intensity builds in measure 44, shorter bow strokes are recommended for the more rhythmic passages while soaring melodic themes are highlighted with legato and sustained strokes. Alternating left- and right-hand pizzicato (first appearing in measure 80) should be used in violin and viola parts. First violins should divide at measure 88 in order to combine slurs with separated bow stroke patterns. K.B

MP 99105
Duration: 6:20
Score & Parts: $65.00
Score only: $9.00

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