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Rainier Sunrise

for String Orchestra
Grade 4
by Karel Butz

Co-commissioned by the Atholton High School Orchestras, Columbia, Maryland and the Carmel High School Orchestras, Carmel, Indiana. Special acknowledgement given to the grant funding provided by the Bright Minds Foundation (The Howard County Public Schools Educational Foundation), and the Carmel High School Orchestra Parents Club.

Mount Rainier at 14,411 ft. is impressive with its incredibly commanding and breathtakingly beautiful presence in Washington State's Cascade Range. Growing up as a native Seattleite, I often took for granted Mount Rainier's majesty. When I moved elsewhere where city skylines were the dominant feature, I realized how much I missed the natural beauty and serenity of the mountains. I now relish hiking at Mount Rainier National Park during my summertime family visits. One particular summer hike on Rainier's Sunrise Trail inspired a melody that wandered through my head for several years and served as the inspiration for this composition. Expressive melodic lines accompanied with lush and open chords capture the peaceful emotions I associate with the grandeur and beauty of Mount Rainier's Sunrise Trail. K.B.

MP 99138
Duration: 4:55
Score & Parts: $60.00
Score only: $7.50

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